Do You Need Ranch Insurance?

You are most likely already familiar with homeowner’s insurance. This is a policy designed to protect your home, your property and everything inside. But what if your home is located on a plot of land that also has stables, rings and large animals? If that’s the case, you might just need ranch insurance.

What Types of Structures Do You Have?

Some homes have separate garages or pools. These types of structures are generally covered under a home insurance policy. If your property has structures such as a barn, stable or sheds, you may want to think about getting a ranch insurance policy.

Do People Work on Your Property?

Do you have people who work on your property? These might include people who help to take care of animals, care for the land or instruct horseback riding lessons. If you have individuals who are working for you, they are considered a liability. Having a policy designed to protect your ranch can also help to protect your employees.

What Animals Live There?

Cats, dogs and other small animals typically fall under a homeowner’s insurance policy. In fact, homeowner’s insurance providers typically ask if you have pets to ensure you have proper coverage. If you have larger animals such as goats, cows or horses, you may want to consider a ranch insurance policy, especially if you are using those animals as part of a business. For instance, if you teach horseback riding lessons or even simply board horses for others, a ranch policy can offer you the protection that a standard home insurance policy can’t. Consider the types of animals you keep on your property and what they’re there for to help determine if a ranch policy is the right solution for you.

If your home is located on property that also functions as a ranch, it’s a good idea to invest in a ranch insurance policy. This way, you can ensure that you, the people who work there and the animals who live there are all protected.